Please bear with us as we transition from the old brand to the new. First off, let's get to know one another...

A bit about you:

  • Little_tickYou may be an executive coach, leadership consultant, intercultural trainer or something similar
  • Little_tickYou've been doing well in your business, getting clients, keeping busy but recently something has changed:
    •  - Perhaps you're thinking about entering a new niche
    •  - Maybe you recognise that the way you attract new clients is changing 
    •  - On some level you may realise it's time to be louder and prouder about what you do and share your message with a wider audience
  • Little_tickWhatever is going on for you, at some level you get the sense it's time to seriously consider having a stronger online presence
  • Little_tickIntegrity of message, language and brand values are of utmost importance to you

A bit about me:

  • Little_tickI used to be terrified of social media (serious head in the sand syndrome)
  • Little_tickI'm a self-confessed personal development junkie
  • Little_tickLinkedIn is my social network of choice. Love it. 
  • Little_tickI really don't like Facebook. It's true! Both I and my clients know that we're far more likely to get leverage from LinkedIn than Facebook (my clients are B2B for the most part)
  • Little_tickI love writing. I love capturing the essence of my clients' message and conveying that online.
  • Little_tickI am honoured and humbled by the great work my clients do and am privileged to be a position to help them spread their message

Would you like to have a chat? Book a slot in my online diary.

I look forward to connecting with you - on or offline - very soon.